Biomass: Fuel Sources, Technologies and Opportunities

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This course is designed for a broad audience. Its content should appeal to those with an interest in  learning more about the sector from both a personal and professional perspective. Ideal for people from the farming sector, general public, or professional trades people who wish to learn first-hand from people involved in both the production and the supplyof the fuel and personnel operating and maintaining the equipment.


Colm Byrne

No. of Class Days

4 x ½ day sessions classroom. 2 x ½ day field trip/technology demonstration

Purpose/overall learning

Biomass is a broad term that encompasses all organic material. Energy from biomass (bio-energy) is reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and contributing to job creation and alternative income sources in rural communities. The purpose of this course is to show learners first hand, what is happening on the ground in this region. Learn from a selection of guest speakers who have been involved in growing crops, supplying fuel and installing equipment. Visit sites where equipment is installed and working, and hear from users first-hand about their experiences with biomass.


  • Biomass definitions and terminology.
  • Introduction to Energy content in fuels and cost comparisons.
  • Wood as a fuel, Logs, wood chip, wood pellets.
  • Waste organic material and Anaerobic Digestion
  • Fuel crops: Willow, Miscanthus, Forestry
  • Equipment for heat and/or electricity production.

Practical/Site Activities

The course will be 50% classroom based and 50% site visitsSite visits will include: Biogas plant, wood chip district heating system, wood pellet plant. Farm visit to willow and miscanthus plantations. Other site visits can be arranged based on participants preferences.

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Spring 2013 Final Dates to be confirmed

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