Build A Clay Oven

Build your own clay oven

The aim of the course is to give the participants the techniques, knowledge and confidence to build their own clay oven

The building and use of clay ovens is an ancient skill that can be seen the world over. It is a classic example of how modern technology cannot recreate the  same cooking process; The heat from the wood fire is stored in the dense stone floor and inner shell, while the light clay exterior retains the heat. The resulting wood fired pizza  and bread from a clay oven tastes better  because it cooks using  conduction , radiation and convection to cook rapidly but evenly.

This is an intensive 2 day workshop on how to build  a low cost clay oven. The course is a good introduction to the use of natural building techniques with the use of cob, light clay, hemp and clay plaster to create a functioning outdoor pizza/ bread oven. 

No previous building experience is required, and is a fun way of learning green building skills . We have become more and more removed from the building process and the workshop is a great opportunity for couples, parents and children and individuals to plan and carryout a building project together.

Tutor; Gary Dalton.

Gary has delivered clay oven workshops at electric picnic, body and soul and to community groups and schools.

Cost  for 2 days

Individual   €80

Group Rate  €70 per person

Provisional Dates: Spring 2013

Time 10-4.30pm

To book please call 056 773005 or 085 7705435 or fill ot an enquiry form