Build Your Own Wind Turbine

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This course is designed for a broad audience. It is a practical, hands-on course where the participants will learn to build a wind turbine from start to finish, participating in every stage of the process. The course should appeal to those with an interest in learning more about renewable energy, specifically wind energy and how to provide energy for the home or farm. Ideal for people from the farming sector, general public or professional trades people who wish to learn first-hand from people who have been involved with renewable energy for years. The machine we will build is based on Hugh Piggots design. Please note that only one turbine is built as part of the course and remains on site.


Eirbyte Renewable Energy tutors – Jimmy Dowds and Miriam Sheerin, have lived off-grid for many years and have been involved with the design and installation of renewable energy systems (wind and PV) for 10years now. They have been teaching Build Your Own Wind Turbine courses for five years.

No. of Class Days

5 Days

Purpose/Overall Learning

The course participants will learn many skills and also the theory involved in a domestic wind turbine. A domestic wind turbine will be built from scratch on the course. We will discuss various mounting systems, inverters and control systems, off-grid and grid-connected systems. At each stage of the process the participants will gain hands-on experience.


Metal cutting and welding, frame building,coil winding, soldering, mould-making, resins.
Choosing wood for blades, marking each stage of blade production, carving and shaping blades using hand tools, assembly of turbine, blade balancing.

Practical/Site Activities

All of the above as well as erecting the turbine on mast on-site.

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Course Dates

Spring 2013. Final dates to be confirmed

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Please Tel. call 056-7730005 or Fill in the Enquiry Form

This course is fully booked but we are taking names for a second course, please contect us on the number above.