Green Building: Concepts, Materials and Practices

Green Building ConceptsCertification/ FETAC code

FETAC Levl 5 Certificate: C20273

Learner Profile

This course is suitable to those wishing to understand the impact of conventional building materials and techniques both on energy and the environment and what green building alternatives can offer. We are currently living with the consequences of profit driven housing development, a process that has excluded the ordinary person from many of the choices needed to achieve affordable, healthy and environmentally sustainable living spaces


Gary Dalton, Richie Murphy

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Purpose/Overall Learning

At Glas learning, we want to provide students with a grounded insight into green building principles, materials and techniques. The course covers traditional green building systems such as strawbale, Cob, Clay plaster , rammed earth and cordwood. Students get to practice these techniques and appreiate their role in allowing us to engage in the building process ourselves. By drawing on the experiences of green builders in Ireland and the U.K ,learners gain valuable knowledge of some of the successes and barriers to either building yourself or specifying green alternatives.

Often these systems have been the realm of self-builders , wishing to provide themselves with low cost housing/space solutions.

The students explore developments in timber frame coupled with natural insulation and certified ecological building systems that allow green buildings to compete with conventional building systems such as cavity block.  The pros and cons of Poroton block, Lime hemp, aerated block and biocomposite materials are explored.

The learners practices the key elements of design from material selection, site /location, building system selection to energy requirements.

Course Content

  • Green Building in Perspective.
  • The Elements of a Green House.
  • Choosing Materials.
  • Designing for Energy Efficiency.
  • Different Approaches to Meeting Housing Need.
  • Design principals and practice.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Practical Eco-Building.
  • Case studies.

Practical/Site Activities

The Kings River building demonstrates many features needed to achieve a low impact, green building from self build timber construction, use of site, sustainable materials to renewable energy and waste. The class have access to our green building workshop. We provide a guided field trip to local green buildings and conventional buildings to critically evaluate their pros and cons.

Assessed work

Project 50%; evaluation of a green building
Assignment 25% ; Report of green building element /technique/material
Assignment 25% ; Report on conventional estate and recommendations.

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Course Dates

Spring 2013

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