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This course is suitable for those wishing to understand the options for  rain water harvesting from basic rain butt installation to common Proprietary systems currently on the Irish market. It is suitable for those considering options for their own home, farm or for those considering a career in the sector.


Eamonn McSweeney

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Purpose/Overall Learning

The public perception is that water is free and abundant , yet supplying fresh water has a considerable financial, environmental and energy cost. Increasingly we have experienced water shortages and water quality problems which has created a market and interest in this sector. Imminent Water metering and charges now make investment in suitable systems worth considering.

The learner will get an appreciation of water as a valuable resource and how rainwater harvesting can offset domestic water requirements.  The learner explores how to assess the potential yield and understand the options, systems and equipment necessary.

Course Content

  • INTRODUCTION – Rainwater harvesting – context & history
  • RAINFALL – Characteristics – hydrology – stormwater generation
  • WATER USAGE – End uses – rates of consumption
  • MANUFACTURER’S PRESENTATION – Emphasis Health and Safety considerations
  • RAINFALL CALCULATIONS – Impermeability factors – flow estimates –tank sizing
  • PRACTICAL WORKSHOP; Installing a Basic system; Rainwater Butt on site
  • WATER QUALITY – Standards – health considerations
  • FILTRATION & TREATMENT – Principles – systems available
  • INTRODUCTION to BS 8515:2009 – British Standard -Code of Practice for Rainwater Harvesting
  • MANUFACTURER’S PRESENTATION – Emphasis on Health & Safety
  • BS 8515:2009 – ct’d.
  • SITE ASSESSMENT – Domestic – Commercial – options
  • MANUFACTURER’S PRESENTATION – Emphasis on filter systems and system maintenance
  • CASE STUDY – comparison of proprietary systems
  • INSTALLATION – Practical considerations
  • REVIEW & Q&A session

Practical/Site Activities

Class room and workshop practical’s, Manufacturers presentation

Assessed work

Written report on case study

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Course Start Date

Spring 2013. TBC

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