Thermal Insulation Installer course

Thermal Insulation

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This course is suitable to those wishing to gain the skills and related knowledge to enable them to install insulation to manufacturer’s specifications and to comply with current regulations and codes of practice. While fetac certification is primarily focused on Loft insulation and draught proofing, the course gives an understanding of the principals of insulation, thermal performance, product types and their effective and safe installation. The specific requirements to become a grant approved contractor for loft, internal, external and pumped cavity insulation are covered, providing the learner with valuable information on their ability to enter this competitive market.


Gary Dalton, Martin Mulligan

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Purpose/Overall Learning

At Glas learning, we place an emphasis on providing effective training that allows the learner to meet the needs of the industry.

This course provides the learner with an extensive insight into insulation, the need and benefits, understanding of insulation products , their performance and installation. The learner will be able to assess and recommend options that meet current regulations and codes of practice. It covers standard fiberglass as well as emerging green solutions such as cellulose, hemp and sheep’s wool . It covers the ventilation and draught proofing/ pipe lagging requirements as well as safety requirements for installers and homeowners. The learner will receive product briefs and certification requirements for common exterior wall insulation solutions.

The learner will demonstrate learning outcomes using appropriate tools and materials in our practical workshop.

Course Content

  • Overview of Thermal Insulation; Materials, Function, Properties, applications, economics and current market
  • Basics of heat loss, thermal conductivity and u values
  • Site assessment ; new and existing houses
  • Ventilation and condensation Requirements
  • Draught proofing
  • Pipe insulation
  • Loft insulation ; The use of man-made and ecological/ natural materials
    – Preparation of equipment and tools for installation
    – Preparation of materials and work area for installation
    – Installation of specific thermal insulation
    – Post-installation operations
  • Installation Quality standards, codes of practice.
  • Safety, efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace
  • Consumer confidence and customer relations

Practical/Site Activities

We provide all tools, materials and test rig on site for teaching and assessment.

Assessed work

Skills Demonstration 80%
Examination 20%

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Course Dates

Feb 2013

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